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Egotism; conceit; self-importance

Arousing or exciting the senses or appetites.

E g o s e n s u a l - Icons by Manwhore
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Icons of gay countries, gangsters, cardboard children, and sparkly men in tights.

Who in the hell wants to watch this.
resident faggot.layout.layout.fanmixes.above art credit.

This is a community in which hapsburgs Pretends not to be graphics illiterate.

Some general rules and such:
If you have your art in one of my icons and wanted it removed/credited, just tell me.
Credit is nice, but it isn't needed.
Comments make me happy, but they aren't necessary.
Don't hotlink.
Don't claim as your own.
Tips/suggestions should be redirected to hapsburgs
axis powers hetalia, baccano, bromance, bromosexual, bros not hoes, durarara, evan is our bro, figure skating, gay, gay countries, gay sex, gayness, nine-year-old cardboard boys, our platinum overlord, porn, south park, sparkly men